Swim Tour 2014


Throughout 2014, Total Swimming have hosted Swim Tour 2014 in partnership with Speedo and Decathlon. The event has visited 7 locations throughout 2014, spread over the UK and involved over 1500 swimmers!!!

Speedo supplied all of the modern equipment used in the pool for swimmers to trial under the eyes of two Olympic Swimmers at each venue. All 7 events were thoroughly enjoyed and it was a huge success for all involved and a great day for everyone that took part in one of our sessions!

Everyone that came on the day received a voucher to spend in their local Decathlon store for all their new sports equipment.

Swim Tour 2014 visited the following locations:

  • Oxford
  • Warrington
  • Southampton
  • Glasgow
  • Stockport
  • Belfast
  • London

"The sign up process was managed by Total Swimming for us and this must remain. The amount of administration it saved our Front of House team was colossal.

The Total Swimming team were professional, organized and driven. I have yet to see an event run so smoothly (as Swim Tour 2014). They all knew what they were doing"

Andrew - Bangor Aurora Venue, Belfast

Total Swimming would like to thank Speedo, Decathlon, all of the venues, the staff, the event coordinators, the Olympic Athletes, and everyone that joined us on the day; for making Swim Tour 2014 the success it was!

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