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Let us organise a ‘Swim with the Stars’ event led by an Olympic Swimmer


Total Swimming is the leading aquatic events company in the UK, delivering Olympic based events nationwide. We are offering an incredible opportunity for a personalised, tailor made event to come to your swimming club customised to your requirements.

A Total Swimming Event Coordinator will work with your club’s representative prior to the event day so we deliver exactly what you require. It might be a skills and drills session, a race preparation session, or a specific stroke technique workshop. It could be a mix of pool sessions, land training, team building or a presentation. The event can be for all of your swimmers within your club or selected participants.

Led by an Olympic swimmer, this experience will be a memorable event in the history of your swimming club. All swimmers of all ages can be involved. Swim With The Stars is an educational and inspirational event, led by our featured athlete who will share their journey of success with your members.


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