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Alongside our Olympic Superstars, swimmers will experience a truly unique and memorable event with a fun and engaging opportunity to take part in a full range of Olympic aquatic activities.


At Total Swimming, we believe in providing individuals with the opportunity to learn, whilst being inspired by some of the best professionals and athletes in the swimming world.

By utilising workshops and demonstrations at local pools, we aim to inspire people to swim and give them the opportunity to attend a unique event that is fun, engaging and a complete one off. Not many people can say that they have participated in a range of Olympic aquatic activities developed by Olympic athletes!

Total Swimming can work on any type of event, whether it be on a competitive level, or just to get the local community involved with swimming – we can help.

Our very own Olympic athletes are on hand to inspire and motivate; we want to see people feel enthused and excited to swim, hopefully discovering and encouraging some more athletes in the making along the way!



Please note: For our Summer Programme at ESMS below, we will not be able to use the full length of the pool due to space constraints from the venue

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