Swim With The Stars Ends 2015 With A Splash

This year's revitalized 'Swim With The Stars' programme has seen many clubs take part in athlete visits up and down the country.

Our latest adventures have taken us to Ashton Central, Chorley Marlins, Richmond Dales, Witney and District, Craleigh, Wrexham, Greenwich and Halifax.

All swimming clubs discussed their 'wish list' for the events with our Event Coordinator, Ryan Lovatt, and he delivered an agenda tailored to each swimming club's plan.

James Goddard, Triple Olympian and Triple Commonwealth Gold Medallist, who has headlined a large number of these events said "It's great to go into these swimming clubs, see the potential and inspire them to take the next step to becoming the next bunch of GB Swimmers, or to reach their full potential. It's just great to see so many children of all ages enjoying the workshops and swimming in general."

All swimmers that take part in these days come out with a new attitude, learning new skills, and having the enjoyment of meeting their idols.

'I would recommend Total Swimming's 'Swim With The Stars' events to people who want to provide a unique experience to enhance the pathway for their swimmers' Mary McClung, Chairperson, Halifax Swimming Club.

'Swim With The Stars' put on a professional, educational and enjoyable event that catered for swimmers from 8-21 years of age. The content was specifically tailored to our club's needs to tie in with our stage in the season so built on base and reinforced our philosophies and goals.

From a coach's point of view, being able to tailor it to the programme allowed us to gain maximum benefit for the event and build on the very next day. The organisation and delivery by the team was nothing but exceptional.' Craig Prime, Head Coach, Wrexham Swimming Club.

With some 2016 dates already taken, speak to Ryan Lovatt (ryan.lovatt@totalswimming.co.uk) before the end of the year to book your 'Swim With The Stars' Event for next year.