Parry joins Brownlee and Baroness Campbell to talk school sport in Leeds

The message was loud and clear at this year's Active Schools Leeds Conference - do what you can today, to inspire the generation of tomorrow.

Total Swimming Director Steve Parry took the stage at this year's Conference alongside fellow Olympian and Yorkshire's finest Alistair Brownlee, together with the highly influential Baroness Sue Campbell of the Youth Sports Trust, as the city's leading PE and sport professionals gathered in their quest to maintain the high standards across the city. 

With levels of inactivity and swimming attainment in particular at alarming levels nationwide, attention is increasingly turning to schools, local providers and sports partnerships to play their part in raising standards and increasing opportunities, something that Parry is extremely passionate about: "As a young lad, I was very lucky. My teachers were always providing me with new opportunities - football, rugby, basketball, you name it...I tried it! It isn't a case of finding the sport or activity you love - swimming found me. 

I have been incredibly fortunate to experience the things I have in my career, but I look back on the work of Total Swimming - inspiring a generation of young people and teaching a 100,000 children to swim - as far greater achievements than anything I accomplished in the pool."

Now, through sister companies Beth Tweddle Gymnastics (formerly Total Gymnastics) and Becky Adlington's SwimStars, Steve has launched Olympian-led school programmes - Beth Tweddle's School Gymnastics and Becky Adlington's SwimStars School Swimming - in the hope that every child in the UK can enjoy a positive sporting experience, that will positively impact them for life.

To learn more about these programmes, please click on the following links:

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