Olympic Legend Goodhew Plays Flip Flop Bingo in Birmingham Pool!

British Olympic swimming legend Duncan Goodhew visited Total Swimming's British Gas Pools 4 Schools pool in Birmingham last week with two Team GB hopefuls to lead the draw for a unique Facebook competition.

Goodhew, who struck Olympic gold in Moscow in 1980, jumped into a pool full of numbered flip flops to pick the winners of Flip Flop Flip, a special draw organised by British Gas, with top prizes being VIP tickets to next year's British Gas Championships at the new Aquatics Centre in London. This event will act as the main selection competition for the British team aiming to compete at the 2012 Olympic Games. 

Duncan was accompanied by two future British swimming stars, Ann Morris and Georgia Hohmann.

Flip flops that were left unused from the 2011 British Gas Great Swim Series were numbered from 1 – 1000 and transported to King Edward VI Aston School in Birmingham., Here they were tipped in to a British Gas Pools 4 Schools temporary swimming pool where Total Swimming is currently teaching local children how to swim.

Young swimmers from Orion Swimming Club were also invited along to the event and took part in a Q & A session with Duncan, Ann and Georgia, and had a splash in the pool after the lucky flip flop numbers had been picked out.

Louise Baker from the British Gas Swimming Sponsorship team who helped run the event said, ‘It was an extraordinary sight to see one of our British Gas Pools 4 Schools™ pools completely filled with flip flops. We had 3,500 flip flops left over from the British Gas Great Swim Series so we came up with a fun and inventive way to use them to raise awareness of the British Gas Swimming Championships in March 2012. The remaining flip flops that were not used in the prize draw will be sent to Africa. 

'Apparently flip flops are in high demand there so hopefully this will bring a smile to people who receive them!’

There were a number of prizes up for grabs in the Flip Flop Flip with the main prize being two pairs of VIP tickets to the British Gas Swimming Championships to be held at the London Aquatics Centre in March 2012. There were also five sets of one month gym memberships at a Nuffield Health Fitness & Wellbeing Centre to be won, alongside ten items of swimming merchandise signed by open water world champion Keri-anne Payne.

To learn more about this event and British Gas Pools 4 Schools, have a look at the video below: