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Steve's Rio Diary - Another historic night in the swimming pool!


 A historic night in the women’s 100m freestyle Like one record breaking moment wasn’t enough, we had 2 in one race! Simon...

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Steve Parry's Rio Diary - What a night of swimming in Rio


 Phenomenal Phelps  I have seen Michael Phelps complete the most amazing journey in sport, and what a privilege it  was to be he...

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Our Guy does it....(and he's faster than Phelps!)


He’s got his medal. James Guy, the swimmer born just a few miles from our Head Office, swam an amazing anchor leg for the British Men’s...

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Daley does it , as he and Goodfellow claim their medal.


It seems a long time ago now, as so much has happened in a week in Rio, but the Total Swimming MD Steve Parry was first on the spot to congratulate...

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We talk to Peaty's pal after his Olympic gold


 Our Event Manager Ryan Lovatt was in demand  after his long-time friend Adam Peaty won his historic Olympic Gold medal in Rio.  Rya...

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Part three with Steve Parry - Life after the Olympics


In the final instalment of Steve Parry’s Olympic interviews (Olympic bronze medalist and founder of Total Swimming), we look at what life is ...

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Part two with Steve Parry - Winning an Olympic medal


In the second part of our interview with Steve Parry, Olympic bronze medalist in 2004 and founder of Total Swimming, we look at Steve’s menta...

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An interview with Steve Parry - Life in the Olympic Village


Here at Total Swimming we’re so lucky to work with Olympic athletes on a daily basis, so with Rio just around the corner we thought we’...

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Speedo Dive In, the stories behind the numbers…….


Where is the time going?! We’re already at event 20 for our Dive In campaign out of 50, and everyone who is attending and working at the ...

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Total Swimming Academies Reward Scheme - How it works!


In order to recognise the hard work that our swimmers put in we use a nationally recognised awards framework from the Amateur Swimming Association ...

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