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Drowning Prevention Week 2019


Drowning Prevention Week is the national campaign seeking to engage as many people as possible nationwide, in our water safety messages and drownin...

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Is it summer yet?


It’s that time of year again when the winter blues kick in and we start to daydream about sandy beaches and all-inclusive buffets... ...

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Why active children are healthier adults


Following an article in The Guardian, we wanted to understand what impact exercise has on children as they grown up – even for those tha...

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Family Swimming Over Half Term


It’s great to watch our little ones learn new skills and enjoy swimming, but how do we keep up with our swimmers at the pool? If you're p...

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Our refurbished pool at King David


Last year, Total Swimming Academies invested into the tired facility at King David High School, Liverpool to completely renovate the pool area...

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Anti-Bullying Week


For this year’s Anti-Bullying Week, the theme is ‘Choose Respect’. The organisers of the event, Anti-Bullying Allian...

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Our Chair Chris Brindley receives MBE


Chris Brindley, the Chair of Total Swimming Academies' parent company - Sporting House - receives his MBE from Prince William, Duke of Cambridg...

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Our refurbished Liverpool venue


Our pool has been refurbished at King David High School, Liverpool. We are please to announce that Total Swimming Academies – in par...

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5 ways exercise can help with Back to School blues


Back to early nights… Are you dreading the word “bedtime” being met with a 20 minute tantrum and a lecture on why it's not...

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Rough Runners raise money for Mind


This summer, our Director Steve Parry joined his Total Swimming Academies team to brave the wet, the wind and the cold to take part in Ro...

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