Your first lesson – Jumping in at the deep end

 Well, not literally of course but we don’t underestimate what a big step it is for you as a parent to take your child to their first swimming lesson. And we appreciate you taking that step with us.

So, to make things a little easier – and less scary – for both of you, we’ve put together a quick guide on what you can expect at every step. (We don’t like surprises either…..)

The main aim of our lessons is, of course, for your child to feel comfortable and to have fun whilst learning to swim. But we know it’s also important to make you as a parent feel as comfortable as possible   - and not just because you’re paying for the lessons! We’ll do whatever we can to make sure you enjoy seeing your child progress and grow in confidence throughout the course.

Before the first lesson – The Prep

Once you sign your child up to our lessons you will receive a ‘Welcome Email’ that will give you information about the venue, a history of the company and most importantly the name of your child’s teacher.

We think it’s a good idea to tell your child the name of the teacher before the lesson as it will make them seem familiar before the initial meeting.

Packing the swim bag

The last thing you want to do as you arrive to your first lesson is to realise you’ve left a towel at home, so here is a list of things to put in the bag. We suggest to parents with slightly older children to let them pack the bag, this gives them a certain amount of responsibility (always important to check the bag before you leave -  you know what they’re like!)

•      Swimming costume or trunks

•      Towel

•      Swimming Hat

•      Goggles (not compulsory)

Armbands are not needed as we provide alternative floatation devices and we also ask to remove any jewellery before the lesson.


The Big Day – The First Lesson

Here we are, the big day!

It’s always a good idea to get to the pool about 10-15 minutes before the lesson starts, just to give yourself that extra bit of time to get your child ready and to familiarise yourself with the changing rooms and pool area.

When you make your way onto poolside mention to the instructor that you are both new to Total Swimming and the course. Our instructor will have a short chat to your child and make them feel welcome and excited to be joining the Total Swimming family.

From there the instructor will keep a close eye on your child throughout the lesson and assess whether they are in the correct groups. The first few lessons will be an assessment period, so don’t be concerned if you think your child is in the wrong group initially, it can take some time to properly understand the ability of your child.

If your child is a complete beginner, don’t worry, our instructors are in the water with the early years’ groups to make sure the children get the best experience possible and it also puts your mind at ease.

For the beginners’ groups (Foundation class) the lessons will focus on short, repetitive swims to ensure they understand the technique being taught. Flotation aids will be used initially such as arm discs and kick floats so your child gets comfortable and confident in the water to swim independently.


After the first Lesson

When you take your child back to get changed make a big fuss of them, it’s not every day they have their first swimming lesson.

It’s a proud day and one you won’t forget, and as the weeks go on both of you will grow in confidence.

If there is some feedback you’d like to give to the instructor that is fantastic, but please remember that it can get very busy at poolside and they probably have another class immediately afterwards. So, unless one our co-ordinators is also present it is often best if you email - which WILL be anwered . The contact details are below: