Total Swimming brings ‘The Big School Swim’ to Bristol

Total Swimming were delighted to work in conjunction with the ASA and Everyone Active to bring ‘The Big School Swim’ to Bristol.

We held our special swimming lesson at Everyone Active’s Bristol pool where pupils from a number of schools in the area attended. The purpose of the event was to show how school swimming lessons have changed in 125 years since their implementation and the importance it still holds in school curriculums.

Our Managing Director and Olympic bronze medallist, Steve Parry hosted the event along with fellow  Olympic heroes such as; Rebecca Adlington, Cassie Patten, James Goddard, Craig Figes and Adele Carlsen who got involved with the activities on the day.

It was a fantastic day and an important reminder about how vital it is that children leave primary school being able to swim the required 25 metres.

The ASA statistics make worrying reading, with only 52% of 7-11 years being able to swim the national curriculum requirement of 25 metres.

Edward Timpson, Minister of State for Children and Families, echoed the sentiments of Total Swimming and the ASA,: “The Big School Swim is a great event that will help get more children swimming and enjoying a healthy active lifestyle. Swimming is a crucial skill to learn for life, which is why it’s compulsory in the national curriculum for primary-age pupils.”

To see a video of the day please click on the below link:

To listen why Steve Parry loves the ‘Big School Swim’ click on the link below: