Total Swimmer of the Month

It’s a tough ask to decide which of our fantastic swimmers are named Total Swimmer of the Month – so we chose two!

Both our swimmers, Kaci and Betsan, attend lessons at The Queen’s School in Chester and only started their journey with Total Swimming just a short time ago.


Kaci (pictured left below) has gained so much confidence each week since she started lessons with us and has progressed very quickly from our Foundation class to our Improver class within 2 terms!

When Betsan (pictured right below) started in our Foundation class a couple of months ago, she was extremely nervous as many of our swimmers are to begin with. Since then, we have seen Betsan flourish in confidence – even putting her face in the water!


We LOVE shouting about our swimmers and all their achievements, whether it’s flying (or swimming!) through our Stages, or building up the courage to dunk their face under the water. If you know a child that you think deserves a special mention for their achievements with Total Swimming – no matter how big or small – get in touch at with a brief paragraph and a picture of them enjoying the water.