Olympic visit to the Queen’s School

Olympic swimmer James Goddard visited The Queen’s School recently to promote a new style of swimming lesson.

Total Swimming Academies run swimming lessons in small groups with a high pupil-teacher ratio based at the Queen’s Lower School pool on Liverpool Road.

At the special taster sessions,James spent most of the day in the pool, joining in group games and giving the children some of his top tips on swimming. Between lessons, he also managed to find the time to sign and present some awards to the Total Swimmers.
The event saw children attend from a range of schools. Of the 49that signed up for the taster session, every single one rated the day as ‘Excellent’ and said they would consider continuing with lesson.

When asked what they had enjoyed the most about Total Swimming Academies compared to previous lessons they had attended, the parents’ top answers were:

- Encouragement from teacher compared to previous lessons
- Technique emphasis rather than lots of lengths to meet value for money
- Ratio of children to teacher compared to 10 per lesson at previous provider
- High quality instructors
- Great emphasis on water confidence first
- Opportunity to experience the TSA brand and Queen’s facilities before signing up was great instead of going into the unknown
- High quality, clean pool facilities

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