Have fun in the pool with your child

 With your child developing their swimming technique with every lesson they have with Total Swimming we thought we’d give you a few ideas to having lots of fun in the pool, whether this is on holiday or just at your local leisure centre.

There is nothing better than having fun with your children in the pool, it’s not only great exercise but it’s also fantastic bonding time.

Below are our 5 games for you to play with your child next time you’re in the pool:

1.       Mermaid/Submarine Racing

The aim of this game is to see who can swim the longest distance underwater. Not only is it good fun it will also improve your child’s swimming technique and enhance their breathing skills.

2.       Mr.Wolf / Mr. Shark?

The same as “What Time Is It Mr. Wolf?” that your kids would play at school, except in the pool it is “What Time Is It Mr. Shark?”

3.       Water Polo

This game can be fun for the whole family or just 2 of you. Simply set up 2 nets on either side of the pool and away you go. We always recommend your child being in the shallow end but when they chase the ball it will really improve their swimming.

4.       Treasure Hunt

Get a collection of items that will sink, toss them in the pool, then it is the person who collects the most items wins. Simple and fun!

5.       Duck/Ball Push

Using a small ball or plastic floating duck/object challenge your child to:

Use their nose to push the duck to the other end of the pool. They can also “blow” the duck forward; they just can’t bite the duck and swim to the other end with it in their mouths. Nor can they touch their duck with their hands or feet.

It’s more difficult than it looks!