'Dive In' - Join in the fun!


Steve Parry, the Total Swimming Managing Director explains how you can take advantage of Speedo's free Dive In classes.

Total Swimming are delighted to be working on behalf of are delighted to be working on behalf of Speedo to bring this innovative campaign designed to promote swimming to thousands of adults this year. 

The purpose of the Dive In campaign

Speedos latest survey results made for worrying reading with two thirds of swimmers unable to swim for more than four lengths and a massive 1 in 3 adults admit they are not confident in the water.

These findings have prompted Speedo to offer 10,000 free swimming sessions to adults from May to October 2016 .

50 separate events are being organised with Total Swimming to take the initiative around the country. The free sessions have been designed by ex-professional swimmers James Goddard, Ian Hulme and Harry Needs.

To sign up for the event simply click on the link below and register for the session that suits you: