'Dive In' Blog - So far so good.......

The wheels are in motion and quickly accelerating for the Speedo Dive In campaign being delivered by Total Swimming. We had the mission from Speedo in 2015 to organise and to deliver 50 events throughout 2016 to get 10,000 adults swimming after their research surprisingly highlighted that 1 in 4 adults can’t swim more than a length of a 25-meter swimming pool.

We have now completed 10 out of the 50 events for Speedo, spaced around the UK. The feedback has been tremendous, with over 99.5% of the hundreds that have taken part have rated the event excellent or good.

Participants have described the event as priceless and found the expert coaching, the full range of products provided by Speedo and the chance to meet an Olympian as an opportunity not to be missed with many commenting that they can’t believe it is FREE.

However, the proudest and most rewarding part of our Dive In adventure so far has been the chance to positively affect people’s lives.

The one example so far that jumps to mind was at an event we ran in Solihull. A lady turned up to the event and explained to our staff that she had never been in a swimming pool before, but her sons Christmas wish was for her to learn to swim.

At the start of the session the lady was terrified to get into the water or let go of the side once she had got into the water. After reassurance from the team and by the end of the session, the team had her swimming with a kickboard one lengths at a time without holding the side or the lane of the pool.  The lady was very emotional with her achievement at the end of the session and actually cried and thanked the team.

This sort of story highlights why we do these events and shows how important swimming is.

Throughout June, July and August, we are delivering another 20 events of the campaign from Edinburgh to Plymouth to London. And then the final events take place in September to October.

There are still plenty of places for people to book onto the event with over 5,750 people already committed to the event and little over 4000 places remaining.

Head to www.speedo.co.uk/dive-in to book your place now.

I look forward to providing the next update on the Total Swimming events soon…

Ryan Lovatt

Manager of Events at Total Swimming