Adult and Child Inactivity still a huge issue for local authorities

How do we address this? 

Total Swimming attended the annual APSE seminar at Hotel Football in Manchester. The purpose of these seminars is to come up with ways of improving leisure opportunities to help the nation get active. Councils from all over the UK attended and shared some shocking statistics about inactivity in our towns and cities.

Birmingham city council provided some figures that highlighted the scale of the issue:

  • 80% of Birmingham’s population are inactive.
  • Around 25% of the city’s children are overweight/obese when they start school, with that number rising to 40% by the time they leave primary school.

It is not an exaggeration to accept figures like these as illustrating a real and immediate national crisis.

So how can Total Swimming help?

Swimming in the UK is one of the most popular forms of exercise, however access to swimming pools is becoming increasingly more difficult with swimming pools across the country closing due to rising costs and budget cuts within local authorities.


Also, within the UK there is still 50% of children leaving primary school unable to swim, and this statistic needs to change – this, combined with the high demand and decreasing supply of swimming pools, highlights the need for quality facilities more than ever.


Total Swimming’s commercial pools are the best in the market, and cost a fraction of what other pool providers do. We believe that our modular pools are the way forward in providing local councils with affordable, quality and custom built pools to serve their local community.

Total Swimming’s business development team Adrian Turner and Chris Pearce at the APSE conference at Hotel Football
Take a look at one of our pools in action.