Want to join the team?

Here at Total Swimming, our aim is to encourage a lifelong love of swimming. To do this, we make sure we hire passionate teachers that deliver fun, exciting lessons for our swimmers every week! As well as flexible hours, competitive pay and being part of a fantastic team, you'll get to make a real difference teaching the next generation an important lifesaving skill.

Our team is always expanding, so if you want to join us on our mission to create swimming opportunities for all, keep a lookout for vacancies below and get in touch!

Please see below for our current vacancies:

Swimming Teacher

Customer Service Representative


Are you looking to be trained up as a swimming teacher? We can help!

If you love swimming and think you'd make a good teacher but just don't have the qualifications, don't worry - we've got you sorted! As well as separate Level 1 and Level 2 Courses, we also offer Combined Courses that mean you could go from no qualifications to a fully qualified swimming teacher in just 9 DAYS!

Our sister company, Becky Adlington Training, has been set up to train the next generation of swim teachers. Through Becky Adlington Training, we will train you up on one of our courses in lieu of you teaching for Total Swimming Academies, meaning you will effectively 'work back' the cost of your course. This way, you don't have to pay up front for the course, and you get a real teaching experience working alongside the best swimming teachers in the business to increase your knowledge and confidence in teaching children to swim 'the Becky way'.

If you are interested, please email: info@beckyadlingtontraining.com

TSA WBS - TSA WBS page from Becky Adlington Training on Vimeo.