5 reasons swimming is great for your child!

Keeping active is important for your child’s health, but being mentally fit is equally as important. Therefore, we have explored 5 reasons why swimming is great for your child!


Happier, Healthier Children

The physical benefits of swimming are perhaps the most obvious. Swimming is an excellent cardiovascular workout that promotes heart and lung health, improves strength, flexibility and even balance and posture! That’s not all… swimming helps with asthma and overall lung health - not only because of the environment swimming pools are usually in, but also because of the quick and deep breathing patterns that swimming requires. It’s also really great for getting the blood pumping and the best thing is, it can be done by any ability and at any pace!


Develops Social Skills

At all ages, swimming provides an opportunity to develop social skills, make new friends and learn how to respect others. Our Total Swimming Academies programme provides children with the opportunity to communicate with others of a similar age, work together in a team and engage with other adults. Some of the social skills included in swimming are listening, following directions, taking turns and respecting others.


And… Relax!

Total Swimming Academies parents are always surprised by the mental benefits our learn to swim programme brings. Swimming can strengthen the mind in more ways than one and with modern day pressures put on us all, we love how our little swimmers can gain huge mental benefits from the sport we love so much.

Swimming is a fun and effective way to relieve any stress your child may be under, possibly more so than other type of physical exercise! Being in contact with water can help to loosen up your little one’s body and mind. And that’s not all! Being immersed in water while swimming, paying close attention to their technique as they practise the regular rhythm of your swimming strokes can have a very relaxing, almost meditative effect on your child’s mind.


Boosts Confidence

At Total Swimming Academies we understand each child has their own journey – with their own successes and falls. We celebrate and support each child individually as they work through our programme and achieve their certificates. It may be attempting a new stroke, setting new goals or persevering until they have reached their target… but our teachers are there throughout the journey leading to improved confidence and self-esteem in our swimmers. Total Swimming Academies shows all our swimmers what they can achieve with dedication and practice.


Let’s Not Forget, It’s Fun!

Spending time in the water can be positive for children’s mental health and well-being as it releases endorphins in the brain, which improves mood and decrease anxiety. Children could enjoy swimming more than other types of exercise, so, if you provide your children with opportunities to swim, they may be more likely to exercise.

Here at Total Swimming Academies, it is our mission to create more opportunities for children to learn to swim and love to swim! Not only so they can swim before leaving primary school, but to help develop their overall character, confidence and social skills too.


If you are keen for your little one to start their swimming journey, then click here!