Swim England Report: The Health & Wellbeing Benefits of Swimming

Not only is swimming an important lifesaving skill for your child, Swim England have now released a new study with evidence showing that swimmers live longer, too!

The study claims that due to the impact swimming has on physical and mental health, it can reduce the risk of death by 29%.

The report presents well-researched findings that outline just why we need to tackle the national statistic that only 1 in 2 children can swim before leaving primary school.

One of the findings in the report that really stood out to us was that children who take part in swimming lessons develop physically, cognitively and socially much quicker than children who don’t.

In the report, Professor Dame Sally C. Davies (Chief Medical Officer for England) says, “This is not the time to tread water; we need to enrich and harness the evidence and opportunity, and to encourage more to swim, and swim regularly. We need to move as a nation to take more exercise. So do swim for pleasure, leisure, or as a sport.”

You can head over to Swim England’s website and download the report here.

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Report: The Health & Wellbeing Benefits of Swimming