Speedo Dive In, the stories behind the numbers…….

Where is the time going?!

We’re already at event 20 for our Dive In campaign out of 50, and everyone who is attending and working at the events is having a fantastic time!

The aim of the Dive In campaign is to get 10,000 adults swimming over the summer, but for this blog article we look at the people behind the numbers.

Why are people coming to our Dive In events?

There are a variety of reasons; from triathlon enthusiasts improving their front crawl to complete novices taking their first steps into the pool.

Below are a few stories that we wanted to share with you to give you a feel of how our teachers help the swimmers at our events:

Our first story involves Fran Baldwin, one of the Total Swimming coaches at Harvey Hadden on 12th June.

A lady came up to Fran during the introduction and explained that as a child she had fallen off a pier whilst on a family holiday and nearly drowned, giving her a fear of water that meant she panicked getting into the water.

When she came to the Speedo event she'd built up her confidence enough to be able to get in the water but still panicked and was very nervous when putting her face in the water. Fran worked with her throughout the session to make her feel more comfortable putting her face in the water and by the end of the session she was swimming full stroke front crawl with her face in the water for 10m at a time.

As a result of attending the event she decided she was going to book onto the adult swimming lessons at the centre in order to carry on progressing and overcome her fear completely. 

Another fantastic story we’re proud to share occurred at Total Fitness Teeside on the 25th June.

A lady arrived at the Dive In event having previously had a heart bypass a couple of years ago which had left her with damage to nerves and muscles in her right shoulder. She had been swimming for a couple of years after the operation to get fit again and came down to the event to get some advice on whether she was using the correct technique.

Through working with Fran and James Goddard (A former Olympic swimmer), the lady received fantastic tips and advice from the Dive In Team and also got chance to use some of the Speedo equipment at the event to improve her technique further.

By the end of the session the lady had managed to make her stroke more efficient, meaning she swam quicker and used less energy.

These stories are the real reason that Speedo put on these fantastic events. It’s about helping people love swimming again!

We’ve now had over 7,500 swimmers for the Dive In events and there is no sign of it slowing down.

So to book your place onto one of our events head to www.speedo.co.uuk/dive-in to book your place now.

I look forward to bringing you the next Dive In blog article very soon.

Tom Brown

Event Coordinator at Total Swimming