Drowning Prevention Week 2019

Drowning Prevention Week is the national campaign seeking to engage as many people as possible nationwide, in our water safety messages and drowning prevention work.

“One person drowns every 20 hours in the UK and hundreds more suffer life changing injuries through near drowning” say the RLSS UK for their renowned, annual national campaign, Drowning Prevention Week (DPW).

It’s increasingly important for both children and adults to be able to swim at a high enough level that, should they ever be in a situation where their life is at risk in the water, they're able to take the appropriate action to stop themselves from drowning. Water safety is currently promoted on a national scale across schools, communities, leisure clubs and more – and we want to help!

Learning to swim has many perks; whether it be social, personal development or lifesaving – making it a valuable skill to have at any age.

Olympic swimmer Steve Parry’s vision is that every child should be able to swim 25m before they leave primary school, which is the core value of Total Swimming Academies that is instilled into every one of our lessons across the country. With highly-trained swimming teachers delivering tailored lessons and class sizes of up to 6 children, we ensure that every child is taught how to swim in the most effective way possible – while also having fun!

At Total Swimming Academies, it's our mission to provide all of our swimmers with the highest quality and most enjoyable journey to swim. We’re determined to tackle the statistic that only 1 in 2 children in the UK can swim, and that's why we run lessons all over the UK that your child can get involved in.

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