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Swim With The Stars Ends 2015 With A Splash


This year's revitalized 'Swim With The Stars' programme has seen many clubs take part in athlete visits up and down the country. Ou...

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What are the best foods to eat before and after a swim?


Everyone knows that swimming is not only a lifesaving skill, but a great workout for the whole body. But to get the full health benefits of swimmin...

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World Mental Health Day


For World Mental Health Day, we want to show our support for anyone out there of any age suffering with a mental illness. At Total Swimming, w...

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5 reasons swimming is great for your child!


Keeping active is important for your child’s health, but being mentally fit is equally as important. Therefore, we have explored 5 reaso...

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Are children more unfit now than 20 years ago?


In an interesting article published by BBC News, researchers from the University of Essex carried out strength and fitness tests on 1,200 children ...

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5 ways exercise can help with back to school blues!


Back to early nights… Are you dreading the word “bedtime” being met with a 20 minute tantrum and a lecture on why it's n...

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Child inactivity across the country


New statistics have been published showing the levels of inactivity for children across the country. Described by CEO of the Sport and Recreation A...

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Drowning Prevention Week 2019


Drowning Prevention Week is the national campaign seeking to engage as many people as possible nationwide, in our water safety messages and drownin...

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Is it summer yet?


It’s that time of year again when the winter blues kick in and we start to daydream about sandy beaches and all-inclusive buffets... ...

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Why active children are healthier adults


Following an article in The Guardian, we wanted to understand what impact exercise has on children as they grown up – even for those tha...

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