We understand that as a parent, you've got enough on your plate - so to make your life as easy as possible, we've answered our most frequently asked questions below:

Existing Customers

What do I do if I can't make my session?
If you're going to miss your lesson, please let us know before it starts so we can take your little one off the register for that week. The best way to let us know is by emailing us at info@totalswimming.co.uk

How do I move my child's ability group?
With your child progressing through the Total Swimming journey, there will be times when we need to move your child up to the next ability group. The process is as followed:

1. You will receive an email from us, informing you of the movement.
2. Please call the office on 0161 764 2224 to arrange the movement for a new day/time that suits you.

How will Total Swimming update me on my child's progress?
Once every 4 weeks your online account will be updated by your child's teacher. This will allow you to fully understand how your child is progressing in their lessons.

Will my child receive any awards?

We recognise children are motivated by Certificates and Badges, as part of your programme you will receive an email from us advising your child has passed a Stage Award. We aim to have these at poolside within 28 days. If your child receives more than one award in the term, you can purchase them online or over the phone for a cost of £4.

New Customers

The class I want is full. How do I go on a waiting list?
If you would like a different time/day for your swimming lessons and none are readily available, we will add you to our waiting list. This is really simple for us to do - all you need to do is email the following information to us and we can add you to the list.

* Venue
* Date & time wanted
* Ability Group
* Your mobile number

Once a space becomes available you will receive a text informing you that you can move your child to the class you desire.

Am I registered?
Every customer that swims with us or is on a waiting list will have an account. To avoid creating duplicate bookings, you can use the 'Forgot your username?' and 'Forgot your password?' options on our Sign In page or call our Customer Service Team who will be happy to tell you your account details over the phone.

What happens at my 1st session?

Please arrive for your session approximately 5-10 minutes before it's due to begin to give you time to get your child(ren) ready for their session. Once ready, proceed onto poolside just before the session is about to start.

Things to Pack:

Swimming costume / tight fitting trunks
Goggles (optional)
Long hair should be tied back or a swimming cap should be worn
Water bottle
Flip flops/ pool shoes (if needed)
Shampoo, shower gel and hair brushHealthy post-lesson snack.
And remember,
Please remove all jewellery
We do not promote the use of armbands. Unless your child will not go in the water without them, we ask you not to bring them to the sessions
We advise our swimmers not to swim on a full stomach, please do not allow your child to eat anything substantial 1 hour before the scheduled lesson.

How do I speak to my child’s swim instructor?
We understand that you may have queries from time to time so there will be a coordinator at the venue who you can raise any queries with. They may need to relay questions to the swimming instructor, or be able to answer your query straight away.  We would request that parents do not disturb swimming instructors, unless essential. They have just 30 minutes, so every minute is precious to ensure the swimmers get the most out of their lesson. However, please remember we are here to help with any queries you may have and if the coordinator is not available at the venue, our Customer Service team at Head Office is more than happy to help.

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