Our Top 6 Christmas Family Games

If you are heading to the pool for your family day out and need some ideas on how to keep your little swimmer entertained, we have 6 great Christmas games that the whole family is going to enjoy!

The magic frost mirror game

The Magic Frost Mirror game can be played by everyone. First, with your swimmer, stand opposite each other, then go under the water. One of you does an action and your partner has to try and copy it, just like you are looking in The Magic Frost Mirror. You can try pulling faces, swimming side to side, dipping underwater and lots more. Swap over after a couple of minutes and keep taking it in turns.

Tips to play the game:
- Take a Deep breath before going under the water.
- Remember that your swimmers will have smaller lungs than you, ask them to let you know when they need air.

'Santa says'

'Santa says' can be a great way to help your children gain strength and improve their technique and confidence in the water. Give instructions such as 'Santa says do a handstand, or 'Santa says float on your back". Occasionally miss out the 'Santa says' part. If the children do the instructions when you've not said 'Santa says', then they have lost the game!

Tips to play the game:
- Ask your swimmers to do skills such as floating like a snowball or float like a snowflake.
- Look at your online account to see what your swimmers needs to work on, use this game to practice these areas

Floating Snowflakes

How long can you be a snowflake before you melt? Ask your swimmer to float flat on their backs for as long as they can.

Tips to play the game:
- The depth of your head – try to have your swimmers face out of the water but ears in the water
- If the swimmer needs support, try to hold the back of their heads and ask them to bring their feet near the surface.

Down the Chimney

Use a woggle and woggle connector or a hoop to create a circle (chimney top). Swimmers have to jump through the chimney top like Santa, but Santa has eaten lots of pies (noughty!) so he needs to tuck in tight (pencil position) to fit through without getting stuck.

Tips to play the game:
- Toes to be over the edge before the jump
- Have swimmers place their arms over their ears in the pencil position

Santa and the Snowman (like Marco Polo)

This classic game is fun to play in a pair or in the groups. One player stands in the pool with their eyes closed – they are ‘it’. If this player shouts ‘Santa!’ all other players have to shout ‘Snowman!’ The first player then tries to catch all of the other players, if they catch you, you become ‘it’.

Tips to play the game:
- Swimmers must move in the water by doing kick only, try doing front crawl or butterfly kick.
- When kicking ask the swimmers to keep their faces in the water and blow bubbles.

Santa Present Rescue

Using toys in the pool (floating or sinking) tell the swimmers some presents have fallen out of Santa’s sleigh and we need to save them. Place different toys around the area you are swimming in and ask the swimmers to get one toy at a time and bring it back.

Tips to play the game
- If using sinking toys, encourage swimmers to use their arms and legs to get to the bottom while blowing big bubbles. For those who are a little weary, offer a hand close to them under water.
- For floating toys, ask the swimmers to swim or kick to the toys. Ask them to keep their bodies high in the water.


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