Westerlea, Edinburgh

Westerlea Capability Scotland

Unfortunately we are no longer able to offer after school lessons at Westerlea. If you are looking for swimming lessons in Edinburgh go to our Leith Academy Page. 

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Pool Information

  • Hydrotherapy pool in the Heart of Edinburgh. Water temp set at 32*C. Also nice clean facility.

  • Shallow pool also 0.7m

  • 12m x 10m & depth is 0.7m to 1.5m

  • 3 Teachers taking 3 different ability groups each ½ hour – great for families to swim at same time.

  • Excellent FREE car parking facilities 

  • Parents can sit on poolside so they can watch their children’s progress

First Session

There is free parking on Ellersly Road itself. Then you head to the gate doors to the left of Westerlea main reception. From the double doors, follow the path around and that will take you through to the pool. The boys changing rooms are on the left and the girls on the right. Parents can enter the poolside through the door straight ahead but they will either need to wear the blue overshoes or take their shoes and sock off.

Directions to Westerlea. This link will take you through to Google maps for more information on how to get to Westerlea.


Swimming hats & goggles are optional but we would recommend the girls (or boys with long hair) to wear a cap and to start swimming without wearing goggles as they are easier to put on than take off. These can be bought from our Total Swimming Shop.

Total Swimming don’t normally use armbands as they give the swimmer a false body position and you almost need to re-teach them to swim once you have taken the arm bands off. We will use them if we feel the child wouldn’t be safe in the water without them on.

The are currently no active or upcoming Total Swimming Academies at Westerlea, Edinburgh.

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Venue Details

Westerlea, Edinburgh

11 Ellersley Road
Edinburgh City
EH12 6HY