Pools 4 Schools

An innovative, ground-breaking and pioneering new programme that works on the basis of taking the pool to the school in order to help children to learn how to swim, Pools 4 Schools has covered every region of England, giving thousands of children all over the country the opportunity to learn how to swim.

51% of children leave primary school unable to swim 25 metres unaided.

We want to change this statistic.

By constructing our temporary pools in school buildings, we believe that we can help to turn this around and get children swimming with confidence by the time they leave to go to secondary school.

Combatting issues such as pool closures, lack of facilities or costs that can’t be covered, and our temporary pools are the perfect solution to get kids into the water, and learning this valuable life skill.

Not only is our Pools 4 Schools initiative great for schoolchildren, but after school hours sees the wider community then gain access to the facility, encouraging more and more people in the local area to get involved and reap the benefits.


We work with the ASA

We accept nothing but the best and by working with the ASA, the National Governing Body for Swimming, we have developed a reputable credibility for Pools 4 Schools.

Our aim is to go in all areas, specialising in those that are more disadvantaged, and encourage participation, enjoyment and learning.


British Gas Pools 4 Schools

Since 2009, Total Swimming has delivered the British Gas Pools 4 Schools programme. Throughout this time, the programme has successfully visited locations such as:

  • Ashington
  • Birmingham
  • Bristol
  • Colchester
  • Coventry
  • Gosport
  • Luton
  • Plymouth
  • Preston
  • Redcar
  • St. Helens
  • Salford

Just one year after the programme started, we taught our 10,000th child how to swim, and British Swimming champion Mark Foster commemorated the moment in a special event to celebrate.


The Pool

A steel tank that measures 12 metres by 6 metres, with a depth of 1 metre, the swimming pools delivered by Total Swimming are the ideal size to teach primary school classes how to swim.

All experts who build the pools ensure that all health and safety provisions, maintenance and standards are adhered to – providing you with a 24 hour emergency line should you need any assistance, at any time.


The Programme

We have one aim with the programme: to teach as many primary school children as possible how to swim, whilst reaching out to the wider community at the same time.

For the twelve week period, we provide ASA Level 2 qualified teachers, ensuring that all tuition is of a high quality and benefits the child.

In order to build up excitement for the pool opening, we host a celebration event with one of our champion swimming ambassadors, who come into the school and deliver a special assembly and session in the pool.

Our ambassadors include:

  • Rebecca Adlington
  • Mark Foster
  • Duncan Goodhew
  • Adam Whitehead
  • Chris Cook
  • James Goddard

The legacy that we aim for with all of our programmes is to create a lifetime of enjoyment in swimming, whilst learning a vital, lifesaving skill.

We know that swimming is both enjoyable and one of the most worthwhile skills any child can learn.

Our aim is to inspire swimmers, both new and old, all over the country.


Thank You

The British Gas Pools 4 Schools programme concludes in spring 2015 with our final project.

We would like to thank all of the schools that have participated, either as a host or as a visitor to one of our pools.

If you live in London, you may be interested in our similar Make a Splash programme, which continues to take pools to communities across the capital.