Monthly Testimonials - January 2017

We love hearing back from the Total Swimming Academies family, it not only helps us create the best service we can, but it also makes all the hard work worth while when a parent tells us that their child loves swimming with us.

Here are  just a few messages from Total Swimming customers last month:

"Both of my children attend your lessons, and their teachers are exceptionally good. My daughter was so nervous of the water, but her teacher has made such a difference to her confidence and she is now swimming. I cannot stress what a good teacher he is, and how good he has been for her.

Similarly, my son is taught by another teacher. My son adores him and they have a great bond. The teacher is excellent with my son and all the kids, and I am delighted with his progress. These guys are a huge asset to you."




 "My daughter really enjoys her lessons and looks forward to them. She seems to be at ease with her instructor which is great to see. Her teacher has pushed her out of her comfort zone a bit which has helped with certain areas ie swimming without goggles, turns under water etc) and gained confidence. I can definitely see a big improvement this term. "



"Instructors are fantastic. I recently had to contact customer service and they couldn't have been more helpful, very satisfied!"



"Our child  has done really well for a long time, keen to go, enjoying the lessons and progressing. I'm very happy with the overall service and he has had some great teachers."



"I think you are doing a great job and my child has come on leaps and bounds."



"My daughter was very anxious and crying and would not go in the water but her instructor Katie was amazing with her. She was so excited to come back the following week."



"My son is growing in water confidence and particularly enjoy seeing him trying all the different strokes."